System for Remote Monitoring of Laboratory Processes

In this thesis, an electronic monitoring system has been developed to oversee annealing processes. These processes are part of the development of new FluxGate magnetic sensors in the MagLab laboratory of the Department of Measurement. The monitoring system measures the values of select physical quantities (temperature, electrical current, liquid flow rate, etc.) and also captures images using an attached camera. Remote access to the system is available using the Internet and a client application in the form of a website. This interface also allows the user to control certain parts of the annealing process. The system is based on an STM-Discovery development board, for which an expansion board has also been developed. This expansion board provides additional circuitry and connectors to support various additional inputs (sensors) and outputs. Further text provides a more detailed insight into the subject matter, as well as a description of the hardware and software of the system. Afterwards, the testing procedures and results are described for each of its various parts. In the conclusion, the end result is evaluated and possible future improvements are proposed.

Block diagram
Final setup
Expansion PCB for I/Os
Testing… (communication with PID controller)
remote www interface, camera view…
Graph and data view