Fluxgate sensors for DIMADS

Dimads is a bomb locator which serves for location of the unexploded ammunition.
It is produced by Schiebel company.
Our team has developed analog part of fluxgate magnetometer and we are producing, calibrating and testing all fluxgate sensors for DIMADS.
The instrument has 300 mW power consumption, +/- 100 000 nT range and 1 nT resolution. Temperature range: -20/+70 C.
Sensor parameters: typical offset drift less than 0.1 nT/C, typical sensitivity temperature coefficient: 35 ppm/C.
Specially developed sensors are resistant against mechanical and magnetic shocks and vibrations.

The following figure shows some fluxgate sensors developed in our laboratory including the sensor for DIMADS.

The final product by Schiebel


Measured magnetic field map