Current Source for a Test Coil System

The aim of this bachelor thesis is to design and create a device for driving triaxial test coil system. The device is composed of three independent current sources, user interface panel and microcontroller board. Current source end-stage forms power operational amplifier in voltage to current converter configuration. Each channel of the bidirectional current source is capable of sourcing 1 A into a 25 Ohm load with 20-bit resolution. The first part of a thesis describes a typical use the device might have and gives a summary of commercially available solutions. The main part of work describes all individual modules from schematic design to hardware realization. The final section of work is measurement of temperature stability parameters.

The unit has been finished during Michal’s Master degree studies, it is fully operating. controlled using MATLAB or LabView…

Keywords: current source, microcontroller, operational amplifier, magnetometer calibration, coil system

Front panel
Overall block diagram
Single channel current source – block diagram
Current source pcb
Control board block diagram
PCB of control board
Human interface board block diagram
PCB of human interface
Power supply boards block diagram
During instrument assembly
First measurements of temperature stability
3D coils to be used with the current source