EMSA 2012 in Prague!

Go to the web site of EMSA 2012 www.emsa2012.org for details about the conference and abstract submission.
Deadline for abstract submission: April 3rd 2012.
Contact: doc. Ing. Antonin Platil, Phd (platil@fel.cvut.cz)

In the dark part of the picture, Prof. Ripka thanks the EMSA comitee for choosing Prague

Great news reached MAGLAB: EMSA, the European Conference on Magnetic Sensors and Actuators will be held in Prague in 2012.
Announcement has been officially made yesterday evening at gala banquet of EMSA 2010, which is currently running in Bodrum, Turkey.
We are honoured to host this prestigious and long tradition conference at Czech Technical University in Prague” prof. Ripka said in his speach after the announcement.
Maglab has been chosen to host EMSA among other prestigious candidates, thanks to its high quality research and its long tradition in organizing international conferences, such as Eurosensors 2002.
The organizing team has already began to work on the next edition of EMSA under the leadership of Doc. Platil. The website of the conference will be soon online.
See you in Prague 2012!