Incoming conferences

Maglab will host the 2010 edition of Magnetic Measurement, the biennial conference which is held since 1984. After the successful edition in Budapest two years ago, MM returns to the Czech Republic.

The deadline has been postponed to May 31st, therefore you have still some day to send your abstract to this conference. You can find more information on the website of the conference
Beside MM2010, members of Maglab will attend several others conferences. So far we have confirmed the following conferences:

EMSA 2010
From 4th to 7th July in Bodrum, Turkey
Prof. Ripka will give an invited talk about  Testing and calibration of magnetic field sensors on Tuesday 6th July at 9.00.
In poster sessions you will have opportunity to meet Mattia Butta, Michal Janosek and Antonin Platil with presentation about the last result of  their research activities.
Right after EMSA the International Workshop on Magnetic wires will be held in Bodrum. This workshop will be attended by Mattia Butta, who will give a talk on Friday afternoon about the recent advances and future prospectives of coil-less fluxgate. In the same session Prof. Ataly will give another talk about coil-less fluxgate: it will definitely be an interesting sessio with a lot of topics for discussions.
A few days before MM2010  Eurosensors XXIV will be held in Linz, Austria. So, on the way to Prague you can stop a while in Linz a meet the Mattia Butta who will present the effect of electroplating microwires with pulsing current from the point of view of noise level of the sensors.