DAMR v.2.0

DAMR v.2 is a triaxial, vector, AMR based magnetometer with digital feedback providing high resolution and ±100 µT range. Version 2.0 is designed to be compact and versatile – with wide power supply voltage range, interchangeable sensor head with screw-mounting and easily applicable RS232 interface. The design was thoroughly tested for the noise, linearity and temperature drifts (offset and gain). Preliminary testing using 60Co gamma irradiation source provided interesting results in terms of TID tolerance of the device. The magnetometer can be supplied fully calibrated.

Triaxial sensor head, box with magnetometer’s electronics and RS232 interface (using FTDI’s USB-RS232 converter)

DAMR v.2 main parameters

Measurement range: ± 100 µT
Linearity error: ± 0.01 % of Full Scale
Orthogonality error: < 0.1°
Offset temperature drift: < 0.2 nT/K
Sensitivity temperature drift: < 0.05 %/K
Noise (closed loop, dig. output): < 150 pTRMS/sqrt(Hz) at 1 Hz
Maximum TID (gamma): 20 krad (component level)
Interface: RS232 (RXD, TXD, GND)
Dimensions of sensor head (electronics): 45 x 30 x 18 mm (85 x 72 x 20 mm) Power consumption: < 1.7 W (@ 12V VIN)
Input voltage range: 6-28 Vdc

Measurement modes
a) continuous 126 Sa/s (with IIR filter, cut-off freq. 30 Hz)
b) continuous 3906 Sa/s (without filter)
c) single-shot at command – 1 second averaging
All three modes can be operated either in open or closed loop.

The output data (human readable format) can be easily processed using custom software, logged using any available serial terminal or shown in our LabVIEW based application.

DAMR v.2 uses state of the art electronics and digital signal processing to achieve excellent overall performance
Easily fixable sensor head made of durable and stable glass filled PEI
Sensor head dimensions: 45 x 30 x 18 mm
Example of output data – sensor placed in a magnetic shielding together with an excitation coil (10nTpp – Y axis direction), output at 126 Sa/s without further processing

For more information please contact: David Novotný